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Logo is a programming language. Logo is known for its turtle graphics and teaching procedural thinking in young minds. However, it is much more.

It is also a very effective problem-solving tool for older students. Beyond the turtle graphics, more complex and mathematically oriented procedures can be created by the student. Logo is intuitive and the mathematics student can focus on solving a problem rather than learning a programming language.

See Logo in Mathematics Education.

LOGO Information

Logo Foundation

Seymour Papert, creator of Logo - - Papert.ORG

Why use logo?

Clements, D. H., & Meredith, J. S. (1993). My turn: A talk with the Logo turtle. Arithmetic Teacher, 41, 189-91

LOGO as a Programming Language for Educational Applications, Jim Andris, SIUE

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Logo at Centralia Junior High School

All seventh grades students at CJHS take a computer class taught as a part of the Contemporary Arts Program. Logo is a significant part of the curriculum in this class.

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