Eighth Grade Math Notes - Probability

You should have studied:

Experimental Probability
Theoretical Probability
Rolling a Pair of Dice:
Did experiment - determined experimental probabilities.
Made a chart (TREE) - determined theoretical probabilities.
Studied and learned easy pattern for quizes.
Families of boys and girls:
Made trees for families of 0 to 4 kids, and determined the theoretical probabilities.
We put answers in a table and studied to find easy pattern for quizes.
Studied easy way to find compound probabilities (both independent
and dependent) using multiplication pattern.


We are studying one and one basketball shots.

We are doing an experiment (Simulation) using a spinner to shoot. We'll use the results to find experimental probabilities.
We are going to use an area model to study this with theory, and find easy patterns and formulae for theoretical probabilities.

Use this copy of your "One-And-One Basketball Shots" worksheet to check your work.